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What are the problems Quick Audition is solving?

  • Due to huge gap in demand and supply in Entertainment and TV industry creating opportunities for artists to act / perform in video series (targeted for the internet and TV audiences ), earn and share money which shall be generated by the video contents on internet and live streaming
  • Unveiling hidden talents and fresh artist faces from city, rural and remote areas, providing those opportunities to act in video series targeted for internet audiences – which are resulting in to tapping revenue from online entertainment and branding / advertisement. At present the online industry is witnessing sudden surge in the demand for online serials, video contents and advertisement, so there is a huge demand to address it by many of the biggies
  • Providing networking platform and connecting the artists and content / online video series creators, enabling both to earn their livelihood (sharing revenue generated by live streaming)
  • Artist to explore many opportunities with less effort and be an independent entertaining & performing entrepreneur
  • Female artist to pursue career with less difficulties and can get opportunities in less time/effort while they still working in an ongoing project
  • Quick Look Test, Selection and approval of profiles from anywhere and any device
  • First level audition of video profiles based upon region, language, experience, appearance, which shall results in to easy & simple archival, access and maintenance of video profile database

Are there any similar products or platforms in the market across the globe?

No, however there are many solutions which offers limited services, like a job or assignment portal and aspiring artists need to browse and apply and wait for the opportunity.

In comparison, Quick Audition is a platform for the artists to connect, showcase the talents on global platform along with the opportunities from some TV channel or Film and earn the money from short films videos being showcased on some of the most popular online video streaming websites. So no waiting for years now on…

Who are part of Quick Audition?

A team of 9 experienced Creative and IT professionals, teamed up to help the talents to showcase the talents on bigger and global platform and at the same time give them the share of revenue earned from online video streaming.

What has been achieved till now?

  • Quick Audition (beta version) developed and released
  • 50,000 followers on Facebook, 800 hits/day to website, everyday 150+ artists thronging for auditions
  • 1 short film
  • 3 short films which has the artists picked up from the database of remote places are getting ready to be uploaded on to internet by Apr 27th
  • Casting done for the award winning Marathi feature film
  • Casting for award winning Shot film maker
  • More than 50 Acting opportunities - Feature film/Ad film/Documentary/Short films

What is the response got so far?

  • “Most innovative platform” - BBC World news (India Business Report)
  • Business Standard : "Quick Audition set to make film Industry foray"
  • Tellychakkar.com – “Quick Audition, A Ready Reckoner with a rich database of artists “
  • TV/Film Senior actor Rustom Irani : “Quick Audition is blessing for me as it giving me a great platform”
  • TV/Film Lead Actor Mukesh Gaikwad “It is great feeling that my struggle is becoming less using technology like this”
  • TV Actor Krupa Kulkarni “ I have two children and it is dream come true for me as I can spend time with my children and at the same time pursue my career using this platform”
  • TV/Film Lead actress Pari Pabalkar “If this was introduced 5 years before I would become from star to super star by now”

What are the potential bigger opportunities on horizon?

  • Online entertainment and short form online video business segment is changing and growing at an astonishing pace
  • The entertainment is no longer restricted to TV, more and more people are liking online entertainment being viewed on all sort of devices
  • India is strong consumer base of mobile devices, the time is perfect to tap online entertainment business potential
  • In India more than 10 million artists and content creators are in need of right platform to showcase talents and to fulfill their burning desire to earn the livelihood independently
  • Some of the online videos (Example: David after dentist, Natalie Tran, Kaun Banega Roadpathi, etc…) are earning big money. In India the trend yet to pick up, Quick Audition is putting right steps towards to make it happen
  • Many biggies are heavily betting on and investing in to this area of business segment. Those companies shall be definitely looking out for platform or product which can suffice their business needs

What Quick Audition wants to cover and achieve?

Considering population, reach of mobile network, need of online entertainment in India - the opportunity is big which covers the areas of creating artists database and leveraging those artists form database to make the short form online video targeted for internet audiences covering all mobile devices. Along with it we are focusing strongly on how to bring in-film branding concept to internet audiences and tap the potential.

Apart from the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE above, Quick Audition platform is also has a vision to focus on to building an eco-system for showing and distributing short films in rural areas and villages which shall create great impact on Social and Educating rural people on various aspects of life.

Why Quick Audition?

Consider the following script:

Scene 1:
A brilliant filmmaker comes up with an idea to make a film. She then hires a casting director to hire the right talent. The casting director puts out an audition notice, hires a hall, hires a cameraman, light equipment, and basically incurs huge expenses and spends time in this process.

Scene 2:
A budding actor, fresh out of acting school, is roaming about the production houses – with his portfolio in his hands and dreams in his eyes. With a lot of hope, he submits his portfolio to the production house. Alas, the resume is put into a staggering pile of resumes – not seen ever after. Then he waits for the auditioning call – that never comes.

The talented filmmaker loses money and time, and doesn’t meet the perfect match for her film. Disappointed, she scraps the project, or even worse, hires the wrong actor. The budding actor, who is a perfect match for the filmmaker’s script, is lost in the crowd of mediocre portfolios. After a few years, he gives up his acting dreams and joins the corporate rat race. At Quick Audition, we rectify this time-consuming and expensive auditioning process and play matchmaker for emerging artists and casting professionals.

How do I register?

Sign up at Quick Audition and for creating your profile follow the below guidelines.

  • Include all the information – Video, photo, experience and roles played so far, dialogues with all moods
  • Video format (refer video link), only Flv and MP4 (Duration 1.5 mins and size 10MB MAX) - Videos above MAX limits will be rejected
  • If you don't have the video, and need help, contact us at info@quickaudition.com

Who all can register?

All the artists like.

  • Actor/Actress
  • Director (Film Maker)
  • Singer
  • Music composer
  • Voice Over artist
  • Writers
  • Hair stylist
  • Makeup
  • Cameraman
  • Choreographer
  • You can suggest new artist category

What are the benefits of joining Quick Audition?

  • Getting nationwide exposure with your unique skills
  • Platform to perform, act and make films
  • Seminars/Workshops by experienced people in Film Industry
  • Acting and Film making courses conducted at renounced film institutes
  • Professional networking opportunities

Do you have any tie-ups with the Production Houses?

Yes, we have tie-ups with several Production Houses, TV channels, independent Film Makers, and Advertisement Agencies.

What is the importance and advantage of having audition over internet?

Through Quick Audition, the first level of audition happens over internet. This minimizes time and cost for everyone. Also it increases the probability of you getting selected for the project if you get a call from production houses.

Who can get an opportunity to act in short films?

The students of the acting workshops conducted by Quick Audition get preference for acting in short films made by the film makers that refer to our database for artists selection.

What do we do after completing a short film?

We participate in film festivals! It is an effective way of letting people know about your core skills and film making abilities.

How does the incubation process help in getting desired level of experience?

Quick Audition provides the basic minimum infrastructure required to make short films and film makers are mandated to leverage Quick Audition artists database. By following this approach, we ensure that artists and film makers get the opportunity to gain experience and increase your chances of taking up real world projects.

I am new in the entertainment industry. Why should I subscribe to Quick Audition?

As a new entrant in the entertainment industry, you can avail the following benefits:

Quick Audition provides the basic minimum infrastructure required to make short films and film makers are mandated to leverage Quick Audition artists database. By following this approach, we ensure that artists and film makers get the opportunity to gain experience and increase your chances of taking up real world projects.

  • A professional video profile
  • One year subscription
  • Exposure to production houses
  • In-housetraining classes and workshops
  • Professional networking opportunities

I am an experienced artist. Why should I subscribe to Quick Audition?

Quick Audition management mandates film makers trained from our institute, to use the artists in our database. This will give you an opportunity to bag several projects on a continuous basis. This can help you build your professional experience and increase your exposure to the production houses.

Who is approved artist?

We have our experienced team of casting directors/film makers to approve based on your skills, criteria for selecting you for QuickAudition is your good acting/artists skills and Video standard format as per our guidelines.

How to pay the Subscription amount and what are the steps?

Option 1

  1. 1. Registration
  2. 2. Online Video upload by members
  3. 3. Screening of video by our creative team
  4. 4. If your profile approved (Pls note that only talented artists will be added for QuickAudition database )
  5. 5. You will be asked to pay One year Subscription amount (By cheque or Cash deposit to bank- Details will be provided through mail and you can see FAQ as well soon)
  6. 6. You will intimate about your payment through mail (Mail communication preferred for better communication)
  7. 7. QuickAudition will verify realization of cheque or deposit and Make your profile visible to the production houses, TV channels and Ad agencies and you will get mail regarding this.
  8. 8. If your Video is not viewed by Any production house, TV channels, Ad film maker, next year your subscription will be free !!

Option 2

  1. 1. We will be conducting auditions at various cities periodically for Serials, Feature films and Ad films as well
  2. 2. Members will get mails regarding the auditions and we suggest to visit our website for other details periodically (Date and Venue).
  3. 3. Auditions will be conducted and later the short listing will be done based on the your talent, if you are good as per acceptable level of market demand, you will be intimated about the same.
  4. 4. Steps 5,6, 7 and 8 as above will be followed.

Introductory offer till Dec 2013 : Subscription amount INR 1000/- (One thousand Rupees)
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