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9 of us from IT and Entertainment industry background have joined hands to build Quick Audition to address 2 problems in Entertainment industry.

  • 1st problem: Due to huge gap in demand and supply in Entertainment and TV industry which is posing problem for artists to build up career, nurture passion and earn.
  • 2nd problem: Artists in India are not aware of other option - online entertainment, through which they can pursue career in entertainment industry and earn money which was never imagined in their dreams also

Some of problems which Quick Audition addressing:

  • Due to huge gap in demand and supply in Entertainment and TV industry creating opportunities for artists to act / perform in video series (targeted for the internet and TV audiences ), earn and share money which shall be generated by the video contents on internet and live streaming
  • Unveiling hidden talents and fresh artist faces from city, rural and remote areas, providing those opportunities to act in video series targeted for internet audiences
  • Providing networking platform and connecting the artists and content / online video series creators, enabling both to earn their livelihood (sharing revenue generated by live streaming)
  • Artist to explore many opportunities with less effort and be an independent entertaining & performing entrepreneur
  • Female artist to pursue career with less difficulties and can get opportunities in less time/effort while they still working in an ongoing project
  • Quick Look Test, Selection and approval of profiles from anywhere and any device
  • First level audition of video profiles based upon region, language, experience, appearance, which shall results in to easy & simple archival, access and maintenance of video profile database

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