Online / Short Form Video Entertainment is changing and growing at an astonishing pace which means slowly people are moving away from TV, it is going to be more of ENTERTAINMENT ON THE GO (anytime, anywhere and any devices).

QUICK AUDITION addressing growth pace of Digital / Online Entertainment by developing an ECO-SYSTEM of more than 10 Million content creators and artists (experienced and upcoming) in India from various performing arts - Acting, Stand-up comedy, Singing, Dancing, Music…

Quick Audition eco-system enables artists to connect with each other and fans on internet / social media, showcase talent on global platform through SHORT FORM VIDEOS (targeted for internet audiences) which wouldn’t have been possible for every talented artist by solely depending upon opportunities in the present scenario in India.


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New Announcement

- Subscribed members presented for new feature films

- Win QuickAudition-Contest – acting opportunity

- Mentoring/Guidance workshop – Industry experts

- Mission-10 Project started – 10 short films series produced by QuickAudition

- Subscribed members to get acting opportunity in short films – Let me act!

- Upcoming short films

1. “Children’s mind conditioning” - Released on 24h April

2. Short film on - Beautiful Konkan Maharashtra

3. Short film on Skin Donation and it can save life

4. Inspirational short film video

5. Short film on Save Electricity and Save mother earth

6. Education short film for Farmers

Trends in Online Entertainment & Opportunities


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